The Lodge

The sprawling single storey main house or 'sala' dates back to the 18th century and is typical of the houses built by the great landowners at this time. It is structured around an inner courtyard with an old 'aguaribay' (pepper tree) in its center.

The two dining rooms, library, and sitting room have open fireplaces and there are two fireplaces, one indoor, the other outdoor for making asados (bbq). Extensive verandas surround the rooms offering shade and the possibility of having lunch and dinner outside.

The interior is testament to the cultural melting pot that characterizes the region. Indigenous art sits within a colonial setting, while Northern European paintings hang alongside old family portraits of the counts of Limburg Stirum, the current owner of the estancia.

From the lodge, guests have a magnificent panoramic view of the surrounding countryside and snow-capped mountains (some are more than 6000m high!). At night starry skies replace the modern world’s light pollution with that of a glittering Milky Way and the Southern Cross.