Horseriding Routes:

All routes are accompanied by a guide. Our horses are calm and friendly and can also be ridden by beginners. Please speak to our staff in advance so we can help you decide which route will suit you best and preparations can be made.

Calchaquí river route

Trek along the Calchaquí river which borders the Banda Grande estate. See the working farm close up and enjoy its beautiful flora and fauna.

Duration: 2 hours approximately.
Departure: 10 am and 4 pm.

Quintihuasi Canyon route

Day trip to the fiery red canyons at the foot of the Apacheta mountain. Explore the canyons (also on foot) and the water spring which originates there. You will be supplied with a packed lunch. An unforgettable adventure!

Duration: 5 hours approximately (partly by car)
8 hours approximately (by horse).

Departure: 9 am.

Molinos lunch route

This tour will take you through the Calchaquí river and the farmland on either side. There will be a stop for lunch at the colonial Hacienda de Molinos hotel situated in the heart of the village of Molinos, next to the church. Visit the church and colonial museum.

Note: this tour is dependent on the depth of the Calchaquí river. During a few weeks of the year there is too much water in the river and the horses cannot cross it.

Duration: 3 to 4 hours approximately.

Relaxing on the farm:

You are in the centre of a private farm surrounded by fields and vineyards and are free to take leasurely walks.

Alternately if you are exhausted from many days traveling by car simply enjoy the day by the pool, reading any of our many English language books from our library, helping yourself to your favourite drink from our permanently stocked trays in the small dining room or on the veranda. (see price list)

Picnic lunch

Choose your own personal favourite spot on the farm for lunch. Our kitchen will prepare a packed lunch for you to take along either on foot or by car.

Please feel free to ask us for tips.

Luxury picnic lunch Safari style

Enjoy a luxury authentic Argentine asado (bbq) under ancient algarrobo trees at one of our most scenic spots on the farm.

You will be seated at a table especially set up for you amidst the alfalfa fields and be waited on by our staff.